Second World War at Sea
Java Sea: Royal Thai Navy
A Campaign Study

In the mid-1930’s, Thai military dictator Plaek Phibunsongkhram commissioned a modest naval building program. The Royal Thai Navy quickly received modern coast-defense ships, submarines and torpedo boats from Japanese and Italian shipyards. In 1940, Thailand challenged Vichy France over the provinces lost to French Indo-China in 1893, leading to a Thai invasion of Cambodia and the January 1941 naval battle of Koh-Chang.

Royal Thai Navy is a Second World War at Sea Campaign Study, focused on this conflict and other potential operations by Thailand’s small but modern navy during World War II. All of the pieces needed are included in our Java Sea game; this book gives you scenarios so you can play with them.

You get 11 new scenarios, all of them focused on Thailand’s fleet, which include two coast defense ships, two armored gunboats and a small flotilla of torpedo boats. Thailand also ordered a pair of cruisers in Italy; these were never delivered but they’re in the game and Royal Thai Navy includes scenarios for them, too.

You’ll need Java Sea (and only Java Sea) to play the scenarios. The Thais battle the French, the Japanese and the British. The King of Siam is depending on you to lead his fleet to victory against the imperialists.


Publisher’s Preview
The Road to Koh Chang, Part One
The Road to Koh Chang, Part Two
The Royal Thai Navy, Part One
The Royal Thai Navy, Part Two

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