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Infantry Attacks:
Franz Josef’s Armies

Austria-Hungary went to war in 1914 with three separate regular armies. Along with the Imperial and Royal, or Common, Army, each half of the Dual Monarchy fielded its own regular forces as well: the Austrian Landwehr and the Hungarian Honvédség. These were not reserve units; Austria-Hungary had no reserve divisions, only surplus recruits pressed into hastily-organized Landsturm brigades. The two national armies fought alongside the Common Army in every campaign waged by the Dual Monarchy in its last war.

Franz Josef’s Armies is an expansion book for Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires adding the national armies (plus the tough Bosniaken regiments recruited in Bosnia-Hercegovina) to the campaign’s story. There are 28 new scenarios plus ten “battle games” linking together these scenarios plus those from Fall of Empires to tell the story of the 1914 campaign in Galicia.

Franz Josef’s Armies also includes 264 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces adding the troops, weapons and leaders of the Landwehr, Honvédség and Bosniaken to the game.

Franz Josef’s Armies is not a complete game. You’ll need Fall of Empires and August 1914 to enjoy the scenarios.

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Infantry Attacks Package
      August 1914
      Fall of Empires
      Franz Josef’s Armies
      Winter’s Battle
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Franz Josef’s Package
      Fall of Empires
      Franz Josef’s Armies
      Edelweiss Division
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