Golden Journal Number 26:
Armored Cruisers

Several times a year, when we feel like it, the Golden Journal brings Gold Club members a set of extras for their Avalanche Press games. Our new-model Golden Journal features a “real” booklet, just like a small magazine, and a small set of die-cut, silky-smooth playing pieces. Our 26th issue, the first in this new format, has Cruiser Warfare as its game feature and the featured variant centered on armored cruisers.

We have the armored cruiser Blücher as re-designed with 11-inch (280mm) guns in place of her actual outfit of 8.2-inch (210mm) pieces. And additional armored cruisers that never existed, for use in Cruiser Warfare, replacement pieces for armored cruisers that had their armament adjusted in the Final Edition of Cruiser Warfare, and finally some ships that appeared in the game on “small” pieces now have the full glory of a “long” piece, like the Canadian cruiser Rainbow or Japanese seaplane carrier Wakamiya.

You get 20 pieces altogether. Plus scenarios/variants so you can play with the new toys and background articles telling about them.

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Rebuilding Blücher
Armored cruiser Rurik

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