Golden Annual Number 2:
Ironclads: The Shogun’s War

Whenever we feel like it, we bring out an enlarged version of our Golden Journal that we call the Golden Annual. Instead of extras for your Avalanche Press games, like the Golden Journal includes, the Golden Annual features a complete, new game exclusively for Gold Club members.

The game is Ironclads: The Shogun’s War, based on the 1868 Boshin War between the nascent Imperial Japanese Navy and the forces of the Ezo Republic on the northern island of Hokkaido. These remnants of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s supporters had set up a Western-style republic (though only the samurai could vote) and both sides deployed Western technology: steam ships, modern cannon, and for the Imperials, an ironclad.

Ironclads: The Shogun’s War includes 90 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces, including Imperial and Shogunate warships and some foreign interventionists as well plus the markers needed for play. There’s an 11x17-inch map (on heavy rigid stock), and a booklet with ten scenarios and historical background for the campaign.

The Ironclads series rules come with the game as a download, both rulebook and charts. You’ll have to supply your own dice, but you should have plenty of those.

How do you get it? Only by joining the Gold Club.

Limit one copy per membership.


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Price: $34.99 (Gold Club members only)

Status: Coming Soon

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