Golden Journal:
Fall 2012

Gold Club members get lots of privileges, not least among them the new Golden Journal. Our very first such journal has a special theme: They Shall Not Pass. They Shall Not Pass is our Playbook format game of the 1916 German offensive at Verdun. The game models the assault at the regimental level, covering the crucial first 10 days before the action spread to the opposite bank of the river Meuse.

The Fall 2012 Golden Journal includes two exclusive variants for the game. The first offers the German player the use of the nearby reinforcements denied by the German High Command: the two crack divisions of the Royal Bavarian I Corps and the elite Alpenkorps. The Annual includes a set of crisp, beautiful laser-cut pieces in Royal Bavarian blue-and-white livery.

And then there’s a personal favorite, titled Onlar Kaçış Değil mi, in which the German player receives the two divisions of the Turkish XV Corps. The XV Corps, the victors of Gallipoli, had withdrawn from the peninsula to the area around Edirne to rest, refit and assimilate replacements. When the Germans hinted that some reciprocity for all the aid given during the Gallipoli campaign would be appreciated, the Turkish high command offered the crack corps for employment on the Eastern or the Western Fronts. They would eventually be dispatched to Galicia, where they fought for a full year alongside the Austro-Hungarians.

Finally, there are some laser-cut pieces for smaller variants for Alsace 1945 and Red Vengeance. And of course there’s a small booklet with the scenario information and background for all of these. All told, the Journal has 40 laser-cut pieces.

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