Golden Journal:
Spring 2013

Several times a year, more or less, the Golden Journal brings Gold Club members a set of extras for their Avalanche Press games. Our third issue puts its focus on Soldier Kings, our multi-player game of worldwide war and diplomacy set in the Seven Years’ War.

Serene Empire looks at the Venetian colonial empire and asks what it would have taken for Venice to remain a great power into the period of Soldier Kings. The answer: not much. By the middle of the 1700’s Venetian trade and shipbuilding were experiencing strong growth. The battle fleet had successfully adopted frigates and ships of the line in place of the traditional galleys. What the Republic lacked were the resources once provided by its colonies and the political will to tax its upper class even a pittance for defense. This variant gives the Serene Republic her colonies back as a ninth player-controlled power (though Venice is more fun to play than Holland from the original game, and so could be slotted in as the seventh player).

For the first time, we have a map in the Golden Journal. It’s a four-color production on heavy cardstock, and a very cool addition to the game. There’s also a set of fine laser-cut pieces adding fleets and armies and leaders to the Venetian order of battle, plus control markers and the Republic’s faithful ally, the Knights of Malta.

And to top it off, we have a full set of laser-cut pieces for the Curse of Turan variant for Red Vengeance.

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STK #6003

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