Iron Curtain:
Hammer & Sickle

Three years after the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States jointly vanquished Nazi terror, the two former allies began a four-decade-long Cold War. While it never ignited into a Third World War, both sides armed for it, trained for it, and planned for it. Hammer and Sickle explores the use of huge tanks and other weapons prepared for this war that never happened. Besides the twenty scenarios, players can take the role of the 11th Tank Corps, 8th Guards Army as it fights a hypothetical campaign to seize the American airfields at Rhein Main (Frankfurt am Main) and Wiesbaden, followed by the border crossings near Saarbrücken.

Unlike most other Panzer Grenadier titles, Hammer and Sickle covers battles that never happened. We’ve given you one plausible scenario background leading to war, that provides the setting and troops for the scenarios and campaign included.

Hammer and Sickle includes 77 new playing pieces. Playing all of the new scenarios and the campaign requires boards and pieces from our Road to Berlin and Elsenborn Ridge games. There are 19 additional scenarios from the old Iron Curtain supplement, which also require our out-of-print Eastern Front and Battle of the Bulge games and Edelweiss supplement.

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Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.

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