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Parachutes Over Crete:
A Campaign Study
German paratroopers landed on Crete in May 1941, hitting four drop zones defended by Australian, New Zealand and British troops, plus hastily-organized Greek regiments and often the armed Cretan populace. Our Parachutes Over Crete game covers the air landings at Maleme, Prison Valley and Rethymno; this new Campaign Study looks at the battle for Heraklion, the capital of Crete, defended by the British 14th Brigade.

Heraklion is a Campaign Study, a short book adding nine scenarios based on these battles to Parachutes Over Crete. This is a thing that really happened! To play these nine scenarios (which come with three battle games, too), you’ll also need Parachutes Over Crete and Road to Dunkirk.


The Battle
Scenario Preview, Part One
Scenario Preview, Part Two
Scenario Preview, Part Three

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      Road to Dunkirk
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