Infantry Attacks:
Imperial Guard

Peter the Great’s Russian Imperial Guard first marched to war against the Turks in 1695. they were stylized as the “Imperial Guard.” From that time until the First World War, the Imperial Guard fought in all of Russia’s major wars, usually very well, sometimes not so well. While in other countries the Imperial or Royal Guard was usually noted for fanatical loyalty to the regime, in Russia this was not always true. Use of Guardsmen to stage palace coups no doubt undermined the relationship between throne and Guard, but the Guard recruited educated young men from the nobility and gentry.

The Guard went to war in 1914 as a small army unto itself: three infantry divisions, a rifle brigade, two cavalry divisions, three artillery brigades and two battalions of Guard sailors trained as infantry. They saw a great deal of action, finally uniting (along with some line units) in a Guards Army. Back home in Petrograd, the depot battalions of the Guard regiments refused to fire on unarmed demonstrators in 1917, helping spark the February Revolution. By the spring of 1918, all of the Guards units had been disbanded. Several were re-formed in 2013 by Vladimir Putin.

Imperial Guard is a supplement for our Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires and Infantry Attacks: August 1914 games, featuring 88 new die-cut, mounted pieces displaying the division’s units in their own special color scheme. There are also 20 new scenarios, and with two “battle games” that link them together.

Imperial Guard is not a complete game; everything you need to play all 20 scenarios (and the battle games) is included in the book and the boxed games August 1914 and Fall of Empires. No other books or games are required to play any of the scenarios.

• 88 die-cut pieces
• One 32-page book


STK# APL0863

Price: $24.99

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