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Imperial Grenadier
The Battle for Poland
The Second Great War in the East

Woodrow Wilson ended the First Great War with a negotiated peace in late 1916, bringing an end to over two years of carnage and destruction. But not every nation remained satisfied with the outcome, and in August 1940 Tsar Alexei’s Imperial Russian Army moved against Poland to restore the kingdom to its rightful place in the Russian Empire. German and Austrian troops intervened to defend their ally. The Second Great War had begun.

The Battle for Poland is a complete boxed game in the Imperial Grenadier series, a new Panzer Grenadier sub-series using the Fourth Edition rules for Panzer Grenadier and based on the Second Great War setting first seen in our Second World War at Sea naval series. You do not need any other game to play any of its 75 scenarios.

The Russians bring strong armored forces to the party, including their T34 tanks, Cossack cavalry and self-propelled artillery. They face the determined and well-trained Royal Polish Army, fighting hard to defend Polish freedom, eventually supported by the Imperial German Army. But neither of the Central Powers armies has any tank capable of facing the T34, and must instead rely on their hard-fighting infantry. And another secret weapon:

The Imperial German Army also has its top-secret land cruisers, massive vehicles weighing several hundred tons and sporting a pair of turret-mounted 8.2-inch naval rifles better suited to the High Seas Fleet's heavy cruisers, plus an array of smaller guns. The land cruisers' powerful cannon can easily destroy any Russian tank they encounter - but can they answer the swarms of much faster Russian tanks backed by mobile artillery and well-integrated air power?

The game includes ten semi-rigid mapboards. The maps are fully compatible with all others in the Panzer Grenadier series (and those from Panzer Grenadier (Modern) and Infantry Attacks, too). Plus 869 playing pieces: smooth, silky die-cut pieces, a joy just to hold in your hands. And 75 scenarios.

Stuff Included:

  • Seventy-five scenarios.
  • Ten rigid cardstock maps.
  • 869 playing pieces.

STK #1399

Price: $999.99

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