Second World War at Sea:
The Habsburg Fleet
Second Edition

After three years of terrible warfare, the Great War came to an end in December 1916 thanks to the mediation of American President Woodrow Wilson. War returned in 1940.

The Habsburg Fleet is an expansion book for our Second World War at Sea: La Regia Marina game (and only La Regia Marina) which takes our alternative history series, The Second Great War, to the Mediterranean theater.

Facing long odds, the Imperial and Royal Austrian Navy battles Italian, French, British and Montenegrin enemies in this war that never happened. Heavier-than-air development stalled without the impetus given fixed-wing aviation in the last two years of the Greay War. That means that thr Second Great War at Sea is a battleship war: finally, an excuse to use all of those battleships they way their builders intended, to fight other battleships in dramatic sea battles.

There are 180 die-cut and mounted playing pieces: 100 double-sized "long" ship pieces and 85 standard-sized ones representing task forces, aircraft and smaller warships. The Austrian fleet that never was is present, along with French, British, Italian and Montenegrin ships, aircraft and airships.

There are also forty new scenarios based on the battles that might have been waged on the Mediterranean Sea in this alternate world, plus more of the story of the Second Great War. This module is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of La Regia Marina (and only La Regia Marina) to play its scenarios.


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