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Ironbottom Sound
A South Pacific Story

The Solomons Campaign of 1942 saw the American and Japanese navies engage in the most intense naval combat of World War II. For months the two sides fought over Guadalcanal, a miserable jungle-covered island with a vital airbase.

Ironbottom Sound: A South Pacific Story continues the tale that we began in Second World War at Sea: South Pacific. You get 36 new scenarios for South Pacific, covering more of the operations around Guadalcanal including Tassafaronga, Operation Ke (the Japanese evacuation of Guadalanal) and the campaign for New Georgia. The battles of Tassafaronga, Kolombangara and Kula Gulf. And a deeper look at the campaigns we already covered in South Pacific, with still more scenarios.

South Pacific is a rich mixture of game play and history, but there is more to the story than we could fit in the box (which is already filled to the top). The U.S. Navy wrote its most glorious chapter in the Solomons, and it’s a story that deserves the attention we give it in Ironbottom Sound.


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The South Pacific Package
            Second World War at Sea: South Pacific
            Ironbottom Sound
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