Second Great War at Sea:
The King’s Ships

In the world of the Second Great War, Woodrow Wilson’s attempt to bring the First World War to a negotiated end in late 1916 succeeds. The great empires of Eastern Europe survive, only to wage another catastrophic conflict a generation later.

The King’s Ships is a massive expansion set for our Second Great War at Sea alternative-history story arc. It’s all about the Royal Navy in this altered world, adding battleships, cruisers, airships and autogyros to your British order of battle.

You get 700 brand-new die-cut (and silky-smooth) pieces: 420 double-sized “long” ship pieces and 280 square ones.

The King’s Ships is a sequel to The Cruel Sea, extending the story with 30 new scenarios, continuing the story of this war that never happened, in our story-arc format. The King’s Ships isn’t playable by itself; you’ll need Bismarck, Arctic Convoy and of course The Cruel Sea.

Our Second Great War background book describes the alternative history behind these scenarios.


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