Second World War at Sea:
La Regia Marina

After some months of quiet, Europe’s “soft underbelly” became a brutal theater of war in 1940 when Italy joined the Axis. Italian convoys fought their way south across the Mediterranean, while British convoys tried to cross the Middle Sea from west to east. Each, in turn, tried to stop the other and claim control of these troubled waters.

La Regia Marina is a complete Second World War at Sea boxed game based on the Mediterranean Campaign of 1939 through 1944. It covers the valiant convoy defenses of both sides, such as Operation Pedestal. Battleship clashes like Cape Teulada or the Italian disaster at Cape Matapan. Carrier raids like Taranto. Impossible fights against terrible odds, such as the night battle in which the Italian torpedo boat Lupo took on and defeated three British cruisers.

La Regia Marina includes over 1,000 silky-smooth, die-cut playing pieces representing the ships and aircraft of Italy, Britain, Germany, France, Yugoslavia, Greece and the United States that fought in the campaign. Two 22x28-inch maps include all of the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins and out a little ways into the Atlantic.

There are over 75 scenarios, organized in our popular “story arc” format that weaves the narrative of the campaign into the scenarios, allowing them to tell the story of this pivotal series of battles.


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