Panzer Grenadier
Lithuania’s Iron Wolves:
Legend of the Iron Wolf
A Campaign Study

In Panzer Grenadier: Lithuania’s Iron Wolves we told the stories of four campaigns that never happened, stories of Lithuanian resistance to Polish, German and Soviet aggression. In the actual events, the out-numbered and out-gunned Lithuanians did not offer armed resistance. Lithuania suffered brutal German and Soviet occupation anyway.

Legend of the Iron Wolf is a Campaign Study, a short book that continues the story with two more campaigns that never actually happened, both involving the Lithuanian Army. Campaign Five sends Lithuanian troops into battle against the Soviets in Operation Barbarossa. Campaign Six has them fighting the Germans in June 1941. In both cases, you get to use all of those tank pieces on the Lithuania’s Iron Wolves sheet. Each campaign of course wraps up with a battle game.

Two play all ten scenarios, you’ll need Lithuania’s Iron Wolves as well as maps from Fire in the Steppe, and pieces from Fire in the Steppe, 1940: The Fall of France and Slovakia’s War.


Publisher's Preview
Scenario Preview, Chapter Five
Scenario Preview, Chapter Six

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