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Second World War at Sea: Leyte Gulf

During the summer and fall of 1944, history’s greatest naval battles raged in the western Pacific Ocean, as the United States fought to finally subdue the Japanese Empire, and the Imperial Navy put up fanatical resistance to the last possible moment.

Leyte Gulf is one of the largest wargames ever published, and it covers both of these battles plus many more. It’s part of our Second World War at Sea series of operational-level naval games. You can read about how to play them here.

There are 22 scenarios, five of them battle scenarios that use only the tactical map, and 17 operational scenarios. You can read a preview of them here.

The huge number of pieces represent every significant ship and airplane that fought or could have fought in the Western Pacific in 1944 and 1945. Well-known ships like the destroyers Johnston and Hoel, the escort carriers of Taffy Three, and the Japanese super-battleship Yamato are all present. So are some ships never completed, like Yamato’s two sisters or the American Montana-class battleships. And the Japanese even get a handful of jet planes.

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Flight Markers

Gerald Ford at War

SWWAS 5-Minute
Air Rules

SWWAS Solitaire Rules

The Battleship Alabama

Battle Scenarios 5a and 5b

Japan's Super Destroyer

Leyte Gulf's Oldest Battleship

Free Download:
Airbase Card

Free Download:
Carrier Card

Leyte Gulf Ship Data Records

Operational Scenario 8a:
Japan's Fantasy

Cruisers Into Carriers

Battle Cruisers in Leyte Gulf

Suicide Submarines

Japan's Special Submarines

Japanese Jets

Japan's Giant Aircraft Carrier

The Mexican Air Force

American Aircraft Carriers

History of a Ship: Japan's Kongo

The U.S. Army's Air Force

Modern American Battleships

Second-Generation U.S. Aircraft

The Imperial Army's Carriers

Second-Generation Japanese Aircraft

Japan's Battleship -Carriers

Japan's Unlucky Ship

Japanese Strategy at Leyte Gulf

Britain's Pacific Fleet

Let George Do It

Cruiser Submarines

Seaplane Tenders

Taffy Three

Overrated Battleships

Destroyer Killers

Flawed Battleships

Leyte Gulf Leaders
F4U Corsair at War
F4U Corsair at War

The End of Leyte Gulf

Leyte Gulf includes:

  • 25”x25” tactical map
  • Three 35”x24” operational maps
  • 2,170 game pieces
  • 24-page series rule book
  • 24-page scenario book
  • Two player aid cards
  • Six organizational cards

STK #0602