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Panzer Grenadier: Waltzing Matilda

During the Second World War, Australia fielded two armies: the Australian Imperial Force that fought in North Africa and Malaya, and the Citizen Military Force, or Militia. Militia units saw action in New Guinea and Bougainville, but their primary purpose was to defend Australia against Japanese invasion.

Eventually, Australia's CMF fielded seven infantry divisions and two cavalry divisions (that eventually became armored units). At first their training and equipment were far below the standards of the AIF, but the prospect of war with Japan brought rapid improvements. Australia's garrison also included the AIF's First Armoured Division, equipped with American-made tanks.

On the Japanese side, Australia represented a potential enemy base to be neutralized. Navy planners considered seizing the continent's northern reaches to take away Allied ports and airfields in places like Darwin and Townsville. Their Imperial Army counterparts believed that such a limited invasion would not be possible, since the Australians would strive fanatically to take back any areas seized by the Japanese. Taking any part of Australia, they warned, represented a commitment to conquer the entire country. Japan did not move to invade Australia, in either a limited or all-out fashion. But the Australians had to prepare for it.



Waltzing Matilda is a supplement for the Panzer Grenadier system based on the potential battles of such an invasion, in either form. This module is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of our Afrika Korps, Guadalcanal, Eastern Front, Road to Berlin, Battle of the Bulge and Elsenborn Ridge games and our Secret Weapons and Sinister Forces supplements to enjoy all of the scenarios. There are 12 scenarios, most of them fairly large, including several tank battles.

There are 165 new Australian pieces, including Grant and Honey tanks obtained through Lend-Lease, locally built "Australian Cruiser" tanks, and the hopeless CTLS light tanks initially intended for the Dutch East Indies. Australia's proud Lighthorsemen are also present, and Australia's home-made Dingo and Rover armored cars plus the uniquely Australian flame-throwing tank, the Matilda Frog.

The Japanese also receive 165 new pieces, including many new tanks: the Shinoto Chi-Ha and Type 3 medium tanks, Type 98 light tanks and Ho-Ni tank destroyers. There are also So-Da and Ho-Ha armored personnel carriers, cavalry and aircraft. The Japanese Navy's Special Landing Forces bring their own tanks and artillery as well as aircraft.




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