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Second World War at Sea:
Midway (Deluxe Edition)

Japan has always regarded the aircraft carrier as one of the most offensive of armaments.
- Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

In the summer of 1942, the Japanese Combined Fleet sought a decisive battle with the U.S. Pacific Fleet to put the Americans out of action. Admiral Yamamoto chose Midway Island, at the far eastern end of the Hawaiian chain, as a target for which the Americans would fight. The Americans indeed came to fight, sinking all four of Yamamoto’s fleet carriers for the loss of one of their own.

Midway Deluxe Edition features not only the climactic Battle of Midway but also the attempted relief of Wake Island, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and battles that might have followed the clash of carriers.

Midway Deluxe Edition includes 560 playing pieces: 280 “long” ship pieces and 280 square ones representing aircraft, smaller ships and markers needed for play. There are two operational maps forming a 42x28-inch playing area covering the Hawai’ian islands, Midway and surrounding waters.

Like its sister game South Pacific, Midway Deluxe Edition includes not only the standard, generic Tactical Map but also a special Tactical Map, this time showing Pearl Harbor with all of the locations of American warships on the fateful morning of December 7th, 1941.

There are 36 scenarios, organized in our popular “story arc” format that weaves the narrative of the campaign into the scenarios, allowing them to tell the story of these pivotal battles.


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Add More Fun!

Midway: Rising Sun 1940
President Franklin Roosevelt ordered the U.S. Pacific Fleet to shift its base to Pearl Harbor in May 1940. We look at how a Japanese attack and invasion might have unfolded when the American carriers were still operating biplanes in 10 scenarios. Requires Midway Deluxe Edition and Bismarck Second Edition. $12.99

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Golden Journal No. 42: Battleship-Carriers
In the summer of 1942, both the United States and Japan drafted plans to convert battleships and battle cruisers into aircraft carriers. Those plans never came to fruition once one side started winning and the other losing faster than either imagined. But that won’t keep you from adding them to your cardboard fleets: 20 new die-cut and mounted pieces, a description of the conversion plans, and some scenarios so you can play with them. This item is a Gold Club exclusive.



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