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New Zealand Division
A Campaign Study

Between March 1941 and November 1942, the 2nd New Zealand Division fought in all the major battles in the Western Desert, Crete and Greece. After the victory at Alamein, the Kiwis helped lead the Allied pursuit of Erwin Rommel’s fleeing Axis army across Libya and into Tunisia.

New Zealand Division is a Campaign Study (a short book of scenarios and history) based on the operations of the 2nd New Zealand Division between December 1942 (the Battle of El Agheila) and May 1943 (the fall of Tunis). The New Zealanders, down to two brigades after the destruction of 4th New Zealand Brigade in July 1942, took a lead role in the Eight Army’s penetration of the Mareth Line in southern Tunisia and fought until the Axis collapse.

New Zealand Division adds 10 new scenarios to An Army at Dawn, split into two chapters, each with a battle game to link the scenarios together. This being an Avalanche Press product, there’s also the background story of the battle. It requires only An Army at Dawn to play all 10 scenarios.

New Zealand Division also includes 88 die-cut and mounted pieces showing New Zealand troops – including the famed 28th Maori Battalion – in their own unique color scheme.


Publisher's Preview
History, Part One
History, Part Two
Scenario Preview, Part One
Scenario Preview, Part Two

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