Panzer Grenadier:
Peace in Our Time

World War II was scheduled to begin on 28 September 1938, when German armies would cross into neighboring Czechoslovakia. Unexpectedly, Britain and France agreed to almost all German demands, and the Munich Agreement caused the Germans to cancel their plans.

The Czech Army numbered 1.5 million men, with 17 regular and 17 more reserve infantry divisions and four “rapid” divisions. Their tanks and artillery greatly out-classed those of the Germans. Germany had a paper strength of 3.3 million men, though thanks to the rapid expansion of the German Army not all of these were as yet fully trained. The Czechs would be fighting for their homeland, behind a thick line of modern fortifications sited in harsh terrain, and many of the Army’s leaders as well as rank-and-file were not only willing but eager to fight the Germans. The Benes government, almost completely surrounded by German-controlled territory, instead yielded.

That doesn’t happen in Panzer Grenadier: Peace in Our Time. The Czechs fight, and they fight very hard. The Czech Army is well-equipped with tanks, soft vehicles, artillery, anti-tank guns and super-heavy machine guns. You get 176 new pieces and ten new scenarios, all based on battles that could have happened, according to the detailed war plans of both sides.

Panzer Grenadier: Peace in Our Time is a free expansion set exclusively for our Gold Club. It’s a download; you’ll have to assemble the pieces yourself. The Germans come from 1940: The Fall of France, and the maps from Fire in the Steppe, Elsenborn Ridge and Broken Axis.

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Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.


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