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Fall of the Philippines
A Panzer Grenadier Story

Three days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese troops can ashore on Luzon, the main island of the Philippines. The audacious Japanese invasion plan meant that the Japanese 14th Army’s 120,000 troops would face 150,000 defenders, but in a five-month campaign they managed to defeat the Americans and Filipinos and subdue the islands.

The Japanese moved quickly, and the American-Filipino garrison – its quality ranging from the crack Philippine Scouts to the newly-raised and helplessly raw Philippine Commonweath Army (about 4/5 of the defending force) – eventually withdrew to the Bataan Peninsula on Manila Bay. There they held out, awaiting a relief fleet that never came.

Fall of the Philippines 1941 is an expansion for Panzer Grenadier: Saipan 1944, with 254 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces and 39 new scenarios. You’ll also need maps from our Marianas 1944 book to play all of the scenarios.

You get to add all sorts of new, unusual units to your Panzer Grenadier fun: the tough, professional Philippine Scouts of the U.S. Army (including horsed cavalry), the newly raised and not ready for prime-time Philippine Commonwealth Army, Japanese bicycle troops, U.S. Army Air Corps ground crew and U.S. Navy sailors, armed and ready for infantry combat. And tank battles!


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