Great War at Sea:
CSN Plan Blue

Great War at Sea: Confederate States Navy introduced a world where the Confederate States achieved a negotiated peace with the union in 1862, but fighting erupted again a little more than five decades later.

CSN: Plan Blue takes the fighting to the Northern theater, using the map and pieces from U.S. Navy Plan Red as well as Confederate States Navy. The South seeks to harass Northern commerce and fend off attempts to isolate and capture the great fleet base at Norfolk.

The Confederate fleet adds its oldest ships still active: the locally-designed and -built coast-defense ships of the Davis class and the British-built pre-dreadnoughts of the Chesapeake class. The United States Navy gets additional dreadnoughts: with a hostile neighbor so close by, battleship classes expand to four ships rather than just two.

A strategy built around commerce raiding has driven the Confederate Navy to specialize in armored cruisers to raid Yankee shipping. Unable to afford the big, expensive battle cruisers introduced by their British allies, the Confederates have worked to build fast armored cruisers that can overwhelm Union cruisers and run away from Union battleships.

CSN: Plan Blue is a supplement for the Great War at Sea series, based on battles that never happened. It is not a complete game: Ownership of U.S. Navy Plan Red, Jutland and Confederate States Navy (and only those three items) is necessary to play all of the ten scenarios included.

CSN: Plan Blue includes 100 playing pieces: 40 "long" pieces representing major warships and 60 square ones representing smaller craft and airplanes.

Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.


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