Panzer Grenadier
Tank Battle at Raseiniai
June 1941
A Campaign Study

Russia is vast, and so was the Great Patriotic War. Fire in the Steppe covers the vast tank battle at Brody-Dubno in June 1941, but that was far from the only clash of armor in the opening days of the Axis invasion.

Tank Battle at Raiseiniai is a Campaign Study (a short book of scenarios and history) based on the June 1941 tank battle at and around Raiseiniai in Lithuania. The Soviet 3rd Mechanized Corps, assisted by 12th Mechanized Corps, counter-attacked the German 41st Motorized Corps in a series of large-scale armored clashes. This is a thing that really happened.

Tank Battle at Raiseiniai adds 10 new scenarios to Fire in the Steppe, split into two chapters, each with a battle game to link the scenarios together. This being an Avalanche Press product, there’s also the background story of the battle. It requires only Fire in the Steppe to play all 10 scenarios.


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