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Cold War at Sea
Red Sky at Morning

It’s 1983, and Soviet Northern Fleet has begun its long-planned operation to break into the North Atlantic and disrupt the convoys bringing desperately-needed munitions and reinforcements from the United States and Canada to the battlefield that was once West Germany. Following the Concept of Maritime Operations as practiced in Operations Ocean Safari and Northern Wedding, the U.S. Second Fleet and allied NATO naval forces enter the Norwegian Sea to repel them.

Cold War at Sea: Red Sky at Morning is a game based on these intensively-planned operations that thankfully never actually took place. It’s a new series, drawing heavily on the concepts pioneered in our Second World War at Sea series of World War Two naval games.

You get the aircraft carriers, reconditioned battleships, cruisers, destroyers and frigates of the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, West Germany and more. Submarines are now major combatants, with their own “long” playing pieces just like the surface ships and their own tactical resolution.

Missiles - launched from planes, ships, submarines and even helicopters - have altered the engagement envelope. Aircraft are both enormously more capable than those of World War II, and more vulnerable to sophisticated air defenses. Electronic warfare is now crucial; ships, submarines and aircraft are no longer passive targets but can take active measures in their own defense.

Like Second World War at Sea, Cold War at Sea has both an operational game (with scenarios taking place on the operational map, in this case of the Greenland-Iceland-U.K. Gap and the Norwegian Sea) and a tactical map (with battle scenarios taking place on a map much like the Second World War at Sea tactical map).

Like our other naval games, Red Sky at Morning is organized in our story-arc format, with the scenarios telling the story of this brutal naval campaign that never happened. Red Sky at Morning includes a double-sized operational map of the northern North Atlantic, 350 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces (210 “long” ship pieces and 140 normal-sized aircraft and marker pieces) and forty scenarios.


Stock Code APL0058

Price: $79.99

Status: Coming in 2020