Safe Spaces
History For Fragile White Folks

Last year (2021), Avalanche Press published Black Panthers, a book about America’s racial history. Immediately after that, we were expelled from game distribution in the United States. That may or may not be a coincidence.

Last month (March 2022) Florida’s State Senate passed SB142, forbidding school lessons or workplace training involving history that might cause white people to feel “psychological distress.” It looks like we’re about to be banned in Florida, too.

So now we’ve published Safe Spaces: History For Fragile White Folks. It’s a book that leaves out all the squirmy things the liberal media blames white people for: slavery, imperialism, Justin Bieber, Jim Crow, deep-fried Twinkies. The looting of India, the genocide of native peoples, the extermination of countless species of flora and fauna (that means plants and animals), the reign of Jared Kushner. It was a challenge to craft a true world history without those uncomfortable things, but we’ve managed it. Have a look:

None of that “Critical Race Theory” crap! That’s scary! Safe Spaces: History For Fragile White Folks is a book that people of all races, genders, faiths and philosophies (you know, “middle-aged, straight white guys”) can flip open without fear of psychological distress. It’s the kind of history that folks who play historical games (you know, “middle-aged, straight white guys”) want to read: history without the bad parts. In Safe Spaces: History For Fragile White Folks, you can write down history the way it’s supposed to be.

We’re hoping that this book will get us back into the distribution system, and let our stuff be legally sold in Florida, too. You can order it right now.

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