Second World War at Sea: Sea of Iron
Playbook Edition

World War II began when the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein opened fire in the early morning hours of 1 September 1939. The war started on the Baltic Sea, and some of its very last actions took place there as well.

Sea of Iron is a complete Second World War at Sea boxed game based on actions on the Baltic Sea between 1939 and 1945. Thirty scenarios track the operations and battles that took place or could have taken place between the fleets and air forces of Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Soviet Union, Finland and Sweden. And not just their complete Baltic Sea orders of battle: the Soviets, Swedes and Finns all have additional ships that they planned or began to construct but did not complete. And of course we have scenarios so you can play with them.

There are 140 “long” ship pieces and 420 standard-sized square ones representing smaller warships, transports, aircraft (many, many aircraft) and a handful of markers. This is a big game, at least in terms of pieces. The Baltic Sea is pretty small and almost completely land-locked, with ports and airfields in abundance. Aircraft are very potent in this theater, and ships have very little room to hide.

The scenarios cover all of the action from the Polish “Operation Peking” in which three destroyers escaped to England just before the war began, to the planned Swedish invasion of German-held Denmark in May 1945.

Everything you need to play, except dice, is right there in the package: a 28x22-inch map of the Baltic Sea (including many of the charts needed for play), a 24 x 24-inch tactical map, 140 double-sized ship pieces and 420 standard-sized pieces. This game is packaged in Playbook format; it does not include a box.


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