Steppe and Sky:
A Brief History of Ukraine

Modern Ukraine is entirely the product of the Soviet era. We know and remember well that it was shaped – for a significant part – on the lands of historical Russia.
- Vladimir V. Putin, “On the Historical Unity of the Russians and Ukrainians”

“Ukraine” means “borderland” in a number of Slavic languages, and for centuries it stood at the intersection of Russian Polish and Turkish territory, frequently overrun by the armies of these neighboring states. Despite this foreign domination, Ukraine built a national identity that could not be erased by war, state-directed famine, state terrorism and more war.

Steppe and Sky is a series of essays on the history of Ukraine and its people. It’s a look at six moments that helped shape modern Ukraine and the Ukrainian identity. Perhaps not the most important such moments, but memorable ones that helped define what it is to be Ukrainian.

Note: We initially offered this book to help raise funds for relief operations in Ukraine; now we're selling off the remainder to help defray some of our costs.

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