Second Great War at Sea:
Tre Kronor

In our Second Great War at Sea alternative history story arc, the Great War ended in late 1916, leaving the great empires of Eastern Europe – Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Ottoman Turkey – battered but still existing. A generation later, war resumes.

That new war is the basis of our story: a naval war, fought by fleets of battleships with airships and helicopters to assist them. Fixed-wing aircraft are far less developed than in our own time, making the big guns of the battleships the arbiters of each nation’s naval destiny.

Tre Kronor brings the Second Great War at Sea to the Baltic. Far from the backwater of our own history, in the Second Great War the Baltic Sea is the center of fierce action between Imperial Germany and her allies against the expansionist Russians.

You get the complete fleets of Estonia and Latvia (such as they are) plus additional Swedish, Finnish, German and most of all Russian ships. The proposed ships we saw in Jutland: The Baltic Sea have been modernized for a new war: new Russian battleships, Swedish armored cruisers and German coast defense ships.

Tre Kronor is not a complete game; it’s an expansion book for Second World War at Sea: Sea of Iron. It includes 140 new double-sized playing pieces, all of them die-cut and silky smooth. You get additional ships for Imperial Germany, Imperial Russia, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

You also get forty new scenarios of battleship action on the Baltic Sea. In addition to Sea of Iron, you’ll also need The Cruel Sea to play and enjoy all of the scenarios.


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