Panzer Grenadier:
The Deluge

World War II began when German tanks rolled across the border of Poland on September 1st, 1939. The Poles fought back courageously, blunting several attacks, but the force of numbers and superior weapons drove them back toward Warsaw. Once the Soviet Union launched its own treacherous attack, the Polish state was doomed

The Deluge is a Panzer Grenadier expansion book focused on the battles of September 1939 between Poland's defenders and the German and Soviet invaders. There are 40 new scenarios featuring battles of cavalry against cavalry, a couple of tank battles, and best of all World War Two’s only fight between opposing armored trains. Plus of course background articles on the armies and weapons involved. You’ll need Fire in the Steppe and 1940: The Fall of France to play all of the scenarios.

The Deluge includes 165 die-cut and mounted playing pieces that originally appeared in our old White Eagles book. Almost all of them represent Polish forces: tanks, cavalry, armored cars, infantry, machine gun, mortar, anti-tank, artillery and of course leaders.


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Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
      The Deluge
      Lithuania's Iron Wolves
      Legend of the Iron Wolf
      1940: Polish Exiles
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More Fun!

Golden Journal No. 34: Bron Pancerna
Exclusively for the Gold Club! Poland designed and built its own tanks, and just before the German invasion Polish drawing boards and testing grounds hosted several modern designs better than anything the Germans had. You get 24 new pieces for them so you can fight the invaders, and scenarios for The Deluge.

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Legend of the Iron Wolf
A set of ten scenarios, plus historical background and two battle games, extending the story of Lithuania’s Iron Wolves into 1941 with new battles that never happened. Requires Lithuania’s Iron Wolves, Slovakia’s War and Fire in the Steppe. $12.99

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Lithuania’s Iron Wolves
Lithuania did not fight in 1939, 1940 or 1941. In this expansion, the Lithuanian Army takes on the Poles, Germans and Soviets in 22 scenarios with five battle games, and 165 die-cut pieces. $29.99

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