Infantry Attacks
Winter’s Battle
A Campaign Study

In February 1915, the Germans launched an offensive in East Prussia designed to drive the Russians out of their last foothold in German territory. Despite the bitter cold and heavy snow, the Germans crushed the Russian 10th Army and secured a major victory though not enough to knock Russia out of the war as had been hoped.

Winter’s Battle is a Campaign Study (a short book of scenarios and history) based on the Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes (we covered the First Battle in August 1914). The Germans, reinforced by newly-raised divisions and troops transferred from the Western Front, inflicted as many as 135,000 casualties including 80,000 prisoners taken, at a cost of some 32,000 of their own.

Winter’s Battle adds 11 new scenarios to Infantry Attacks: August 1914, split into two chapters, each with a battle game to link the scenarios together. This being an Avalanche Press product, there’s also the background story of the battle. It requires August 1914 and Fall of Empires (for some additional Russian pieces) to play all 11 scenarios.


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The Winter Battle
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Scenario Preview, Part Two

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