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Second World War at Sea

We’ve taken the Second World War at Sea series around the globe, to the waters of the North Atlantic, the South Atlantic, the Arctic, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean and even the Caspian Sea (yes, the Caspian Sea). And now it’s time for the Second World War under the Sea.

Second World War at Sea: Wolfpack is a game of submarine operations in the North Atlantic between 1939 and 1945. Submarines have appeared in all previous Second World War at Sea games, but they’ve been a sideshow without their own pieces. That changes with Wolfpack.

Submarines now get their own “long” ship pieces, rated for their abilities just like we’ve done all along with surface ships. Along with the standard ratings (things like guns, torpedoes and speed) they now are rated for their diving ability, endurance and special equipment like schnorkel breathing devices.

Like other Second World War at Sea games, Wolfpack consists of both an operational game (with scenarios taking place on the operational map, in this case of the North Atlantic) and a tactical game (with battle scenarios taking place on the standard Second World War at Sea tactical map, with submarines noted at various depths and usually hidden from the surface player). This sub-system can also be ported over to other Second World War at Sea games.

And just like other Second World War at Sea games, Wolfpack comes with a wealth of history-rich scenarios that tell the story of the German submarine wolfpacks, and their ultimate defeat by the Allied navies. Wolfpack is no silent bore: it’s a two-player game in which players plan and conduct the moves of convoys and escort groups, and the submarine wolfpacks who hunt them. Then play moves to the tactical map where the submarine player and the surface player engage in a tense cat-and-mouse game with deadly consequences.

Wolfpack includes a double-sized operational map of the North Atlantic, 350 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces (210 “long” ship pieces and 140 normal-sized markers) and forty scenarios.


Stock Code APL0059

Price: $79.99

Status: Coming in 2020