Panzer Grenadier:

Panzer Grenadier moves to the Pacific with this game of the intense fighting between U.S. Marines and Japanese soldiers and marines in the tense weeks of 1942. Twenty-four scenarios are included. Guadalcanal is a stand-alone game; no other game from the series is required to play any of the 24 scenarios.


Guadalcanal has several types of Marine units: Marine rifle, parachute and Raider units plus scouts. The Marines usually have very good morale, and have excellent leadership and strong firepower. Where they’re at times lacking is in support weapons: The Army gets first call on tanks and artillery, and the Marine versions on Guadalcanal are not up to the high quality of the riflemen.


Japan counters with Army and navy units of low firepower but fanatically high morale. Japanese artillery isn’t very good, their handful of tanks will barely keep out rifle bullets, and there are few direct support weapons. The key to Japanese success will be to enter close combat with the Marines, where the Japanese warrior spirit can be used to full advantage.

Scenarios cover a wide variety of actions. The maps cover “historical” terrain rather than the generic coverage of most other games in the series.

The Marine operations began in August 1942 with landings on Tulagi and Tanambogo islands. Guadalcanal includes complete maps of these islands, and scenarios to re-create the intense fighting required to eject the Japanese from them.

Fighting on Guadalcanal hinged around one key location: Henderson Field. The Marines fought to hold this muddy airstrip, the Japanese flung themselves at them in heroic efforts to take it. Most scenarios in the game hinge on the areas that had to be held to protect the airfield: the Matanikau River line, the Tenaru River, and the line of hills known as Edson’s Ridge. All of them became etched in the memory of every U.S. Marine since, as the scenes where the Corps wrote its finest chapters of bravery and dedication.

Army units fought on Guadalcanal as well, and we haven’t forgotten them. The Jungle Fighting book gives a full background of the fighting on Guadalcanal plus an additional 42 scenarios.

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