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Central Powers. $29.99

Free Panzer Grenadier

Columbus Day '15 Golden Journal

Royal Netherlands Navy. $39.99

Triple Alliance. $34.99

Conquest of Ethiopia. $99.99

An Army at Dawn. $79.99

Sea of Iron. $79.99

High Seas Fleet. $29.99

The Habsburg Fleet. $39.99

Red & White. $24.99

Burning Tigers. $79.99

Saipan 1944. $79.99


Frontier Battles. $99.99



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Some well-loved favorites are available now:
Great War at Sea: Bay of Bengal
Soldier Kings: Enlightened Warlords
Panzer Grenadier: Panzer Lehr
Korean War: Pusan Perimeter
Great War at Sea: High Seas Fleet

Free Panzer Grenadier: With Real Map & Pieces
To introduce you, for free, to the greatest wargame series ever, you can get a complete, free Panzer Grenadier game for free, including a download of all needed rules and charts.

South American Navies
19 November 2015: Argentina, Brazil and Chile take part in the Second Great War at Sea in South American Navies. Only for the Gold Club, with 90 pieces and 10 scenarios.

Broken Axis: Map Preview
18 November 2015: Our brand-new Panzer Grenadier: Broken Axis is close to launch, and that means it's time to look at the four new maps of the Moldavian countryside, by Guy Riessen.

War of the Empires/States: Rules Preview
17 November 2015: Today we have a look at the series rules for Wars of the Empires/War of the States, our twin series of 1860s battle games. You can download and read them yourself if you'd like.

Bay of Bengal: Designer's Notes
16 November 2015: Now that Great War at Sea: Bay of Bengal is back in stock, designer/author Jim Stear takes a look at his creation.

Polish Soldier Kings
15 November 2015: It's a good day for some variant rules: Poland as a player-country in Soldier Kings.

Second World War at Sea: Pilot Quality
14 November 2015: The draft version of Second World War at Sea had pilot quality rules; today Steve Cabral presents some good ones worth using.

Enlightened Warlords: Publisher's Preview
13 November 2015: Enlightened Warlords: A Player’s Guide to Soldier Kings is back in stock, and today we take a look at all the cool stuff within its pages.

Central Powers: Ships of the Central Powers
12 November 2015: With our brand-new Great War at Sea: Central Powers now launching, today we take a look at the new pieces included for Italy and Austria-Hungary.

1942: The Defense of France
11 November 2015: France deploys the new tanks and high-velocity weapons that weren't ready in time for the 1940 campaign, but could have turned the tide.

Great Pacific War: Sea Control Record
10 November 2015: Jeff Adams provides this handy Sea Control Record sheet for Great Pacific War.

Coral Sea: Enhanced VASSAL
9 November 2015: Rupert Cullum is back with a revised version of our VASSAL online play module for Second World War at Sea: Coral Sea. You must own the game to use the module. Really, we insist.

Rise of the Dragon
8 November 2015: China's proposed dreadnoughts repel Japanese imperialism in Rise of the Dragon. Only for the Gold Club, with 90 pieces and 10 scenarios.

Island of Death: Return to Malta
7 November 2015: Gold Club members will soon get to play out the Allied counter-invasion of Malta in Return to Malta, an expansion for Island of Death and Fortress Malta.

Defiant Russia: Map Preview
6 November 2015: With Defiant Russia on the verge of launch, today we take a look at its all-new, all-beautiful map by Guy Riessen stretching from Berlin to the Volga and beyond.

Panzer Lehr: Publisher's Preview
5 November 2015: We have Panzer Grenadier: Panzer Lehr back in stock, and today we look at all the innards of this fine product.

Central Powers: Ship Data
4 November 2015: It's time to launch Great War at Sea: Central Powers! The story from Triple Alliance continues with 42 new scenarios and 90 new playing pieces. These downloadable ship data sheets will make it even easier for you to play.

Harvest 2015 Golden Journal
3 November 2015: The French seize the High Seas Fleet and fight the Americans! The Harvest 2015 Golden Journal has 20 new ship pieces for use with U.S. Navy Plan Gold. It's free to the Gold Club.

Red Russia: Designer Options
2 November 2015: Just in time for the November Revolution, Red Russia designer William Sariego presents some additional options for his fine game.

Arctic Convoy: American Battleships, Part 3
1 November 2015: David Hughes wraps up his study of later-model American battleships with a look at their protection.

The Flying Dutchman
31 October 2015: On Halloween, Jim "Captain Terror" Stear weaves a tale of fright with the story of the Flying Dutchman, damned to sail the distant seas forevermore.

Western Desert Force: Poles in Iran
30 October 2015: David Meyler tells the strange tale of exiled Polish soldiers in Iran, on their way to re-joining the fight in North Africa.

Queen of the Celts: Scenario Preview
29 October 2015: Rome fights the Britons in the nine battles portrayed in Rome at War: Queen of the Celts. Let's have a look at them.

Bismarck: German Battleship Design
28 October 2015: German battleship design remained conservative from the Imperial Navy onward. We take a look at the similarities between the big ships found in Jutland and Bismarck.

Jutland: Operation Albion
27 October 2015: In 1917 the German High Seas Fleet entered the Baltic Sea in force. Operation Albion appears in several scenarios of Great War at Sea: Jutland.

Red Russia: Air Power
26 October 2015: The Russian Civil War included air units on all sides, and today David Meyler tells us about the aircraft and men, as seen in our Red Russia game.

Arctic Convoy: American Battleships, Part 2
25 October 2015: David Hughes talks about the often-overlooked secondary armament of later-model American battleships, extremely capable against enemy aircraft or destroyers.

Liberation 1944: Stopping the Tiger
24 October 2015: David Hughes returns with a look at how British troops stopped - or sometimes failed to stop - Germany's Tiger tank. You can try it in the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Liberation 1944.

Mediterranean: Austrian Destroyers
23 October 2015: Austria-Hungary would be one of the last major powers to build modern destroyers. The Huszár class can be found in Mediterranean, and sees action in Triple Alliance as well.

Plan Gold: French Cruiser
22 October 2015: French naval architects dreamed up a bizarre seaplane-carrying battle cruiser, so we had to put her in U.S. Navy Plan Gold.

Arctic Convoy: American Battleships, Part 1
21 October 2015: David Hughes makes the case the we've overrated later-model American battleships, like those seen in Arctic Convoy.

Central Powers: French Dreadnoughts
20 October 2015: Our new Great War at Sea: Central Powers is on the verge of launch, so it's time to look at the French battleships and battle cruisers included in this book of historical exploration.

Ariete at Gazala
19 October 2015: Today we look at the Italian 132nd "Ariete" Armored Division at the Battle of Gazala, complete with a free download for our Gazala game.

Red Russia: Ukraine
18 October 2015: Today we look at the troubled birth of the first Ukrainian republic, part of the background for our Red Russia game.


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