Second World War at Sea
The Second Great War

December 1916: Woodrow Wilson’s peace proposals are accepted by the participants in the Great War, with the guns falling silent on Christmas Day. By June 1917 peace accords are hammered out, and the most terrible war in the history of mankind drifts into history.

August 1940: Seeking to restore the Russian Empire’s power, Tsar Alexei unleashes a powerful armored assault against Poland and the Baltic States. German and Austro-Hungarian forces intervene to defend the Poles. A month later, both empires are attacked by France and Italy. The Second Great War has come.

Second Great War is our alternative history setting for Second World War at Sea, featuring the naval side of this war that never happened, waged by fleets that (for the most part) never were. The books use the maps and pieces from Second World War at Sea series games, and add a few of their own, to tell the story of the second struggle between the Central Powers (eventually including, once again, Turkey and Bulgaria) and the Allied Powers (eventually including, once again, Great Britain).

The Second Great War
The sourcebook for the Second Great War alternative history setting, laying out the background of the participants, their armed forces and the course of this war that never happened. This book is not yet available.

Sword of the Sea
The Second Great War at Sea in Turkish waters: the Black Sea, Red Sea and Eastern Mediterranean. With Ottoman, Imperial Russian, German, Romanian, Greek and Bulgarian ships and aircraft. A companion to The Habsburg Fleet (Second Edition); Sword of the Sea also requires La Regia Marina. This book is not yet available.

The Habsburg Fleet, 2nd Edition
Austria wages naval war against France, Italy and Britain in the Mediterranean Basin. With 40 new scenarios and 180 playing pieces (100 "long" ship pieces and 80 square ones) adding the Imperial and Royal Austrian Navy plus additional ships and aircraft (including more aircraft-carrying zeppelins) for Italy, France, Britain and Montenegro. $34.99.
This book is not yet available.

Royal Netherlands Navy
The powerful fleet the Dutch admirals of our reality hoped to build but could not complete faces off against the Japanese in the East and the British in the West as the Second Great War engulfs more participants.With 30 scenarios and 300 new playing pieces (some die-cut, some laser-cut) adding the Royal Netherlands Navy plus additional ships and aircraft for Japan, France, Germany and Britain. Essays continue the story of the Second Great War. $39.99.