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World Conquest

Great Pacific War

Great Pacific War uses three maps to display the breadth of its conflict, Imperial Japan's attempt to displace the United States and Britain as master of Asia and the Pacific. Two to four players represent the United States, Japan, Britain and the Soviet Union. Once again there are multiple scenarios, allowing players to pick up the conflict with its early roots in 1939, the Japanese attack of 1941, the turning point of 1943 or the final confrontation starting in 1944. Plus the game includes the scenario book allowing it to be combined with the out-of-print Third Reich.

These games give equal weight to the political, economic, military and diplomatic struggles that determined humanity's future. Players have to balance all of these factors: Economic resources, measured as Basic Resource Points (BRPs) are spent to build new units, fund offensives, replace combat losses, bribe minor nations to favor one side or the other, or send fleets to sea. Armies seize or defend resource-rich areas, while aircraft and submarines can attack other powers' economic infrastructure. Every turn's a balancing act.