Grand Battles

War before the age of radio, when fixed positions on the battlefield were fluid at best. These games portray the ground where the battle was fought as a topographic map divided into irregular areas that conform to the lie of the land to channel movement the same way folds, rises and gullies do on an actual piece of ground.

Units must be activated by leaders, with better-organized armies holding significant advantages. Play is fast and historically accurate, but most of all, it's fun.

Rome at War

The battles of the Roman world, covering different eras.

Hannibal at Bay
Intro game to the series. Carthage's bravest son rushes home to meet the Roman invasion of Scipio Africanus.

Fading Legions
Julian the Apostate faces the Germans and Persians, while Emperor Valens squares off against the Gothic hordes in the battles from the Empire's last decades.

Queen of the Celts
Caratacus resists the Roman invasion, and Boudicca rises up against her island's occupiers.

King of Kings
Persia's Shapur II fights the Romans and the Huns in several campaigns. Includes both new battles and exciting campaign games for use with Fading Legions. This book has not yet been published.

Free download: Learn to Play Rome at War in 5 Minutes

Wars of the States and Empires

Battles from wars waged between 1848 and 1879.

Chickamauga & Chattanooga
Two important battles from the American Civil War: the Confederate victory at Chickamauga and the Union victory at Chattanooga plus a campaign game linking both of them.

Battles of 1866: Frontier Battles
Five battles between Austria and Prussia from the opening round of the Seven Weeks War: Nachod, Skalitz, Jicin, Trautenau and Soor.

Battles of 1866: Custoza
Austria and Italy clash on the plains of northern Italy. This game has not yet been published.

Battles of 1866: Koniggratz
Austria and Prussia meet in the decisive battle for the future of Europe. This game has not yet been published.