Infantry Attacks
Tactical Combat in the Great War

World War One saw fighting in Africa, Asia and most of all in Europe. Infantry Attacks is our series of games based on these battles.

The game is very similar to our Panzer Grenadier series of World War II tactical games, so much so that the maps boards are numbered in the same sequence and can be used with either set of game rules.

Units represent infantry companies, cavalry squadrons, artillery batteries and machine gun platoons. The sequence of play is highly interactive, with the player holding the better initiative having an advantage. Leaders are necessary to move troops toward the enemy, or to rally them when they become disrupted.

August 1914
German and Russian armies clash in East Prussia and Poland in the epic battles of Tannenberg, the Masurian Lakes and more. Control the infantry, cavalry and artillery of two powerful empires fighting their last war including Russian Imperial Guards, German Landwehr, Finnish Rifle Brigades, Cossack cavalry. Six maps, 583 pieces, 40 scenarios, $79.99 This game has not yet been released.

Fall of Empires
The first months of the Eastern Front in 1914, as Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies fight across southern Poland. Austria's Kaiserjäger, Bosniaken, Honvédség and Landwehr face Imperial Russia's Guards, Cossacks and hard-fighting regulars. Six maps, 781 pieces, 60 scenarios. This game has not yet been released.


Desert campaigns in Sinai and Palestine, from the Turkish attack on the Suez Canal in 1915 through the Fall of Jericho in February 1918. Ottoman Turks aided by Germand and Austro-Hungarians take on British, Indian, Australian and New Zealand forces. There's even a tank. Six maps, 693 pieces, 50 scenarios. This game has not yet been released.


Edelweiss Division
An expansion book for Fall of Empires, based on the December 1914 Battle of Limanowa in eastern Galicia. The Austrian 3rd and 4th Armies, including the elite 3rd “Edelweiss” Mountain Division, defeated the Russian 3rd and 8th Armies and ended the Russian attempts to capture Krakow and break through the Carpathian Mountains to invade Hungary. With 88 new die-cut, silky-smooth playing pieces and 20 new scenarios. This book has not yet been released.



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