Panzer Grenadier (Modern)
Tactical Combat in the Cold War Era

Panzer Grenadier moves to a new era with Panzer Grenadier (Modern). The basics are the same: units are platoons and batteries, leadership is vital, and the side with the better morale and initiative is the one on which to bet.

So far we’ve covered just one campaign, but what a campaign: the Six Day War between Israel and the armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Keep watching our Daily Content; more games are in the pipeline.

You can get a head start by downloading the series rulebook right here.

Boxed games
1967: Sword of Israel

Boxed Games
Everything you need to play every scenario (complete game situation) is right there in the box.

1967: Sword of Israel
Israel takes on the armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 50 scenarios. With eight maps, 50 scenarios and 869 playing pieces. $119.99.
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