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Quick Play Games

No one ever has enough of two things: time and money. Here at Avalanche Press we know this as well as anyone, and we've crafted a line of games that are easy on your budget and will be off the gaming table in time for dinner.

Tears of the Dragon is a fantasy game, as two players vie to win the hand of the Dragon Princess. Magic, armed force and guile are your weapons. You can learn to play in just five minutes, and finish the game in less than 90.

Defiant Russia is our enormously popular game of the 1941 German attack on the Soviet Union. Units represent corps and armies, and play is fast and furious as players roll dice to resolve combat — no complicated tables to consult. It's for two players, can be completed in just a couple of hours, and is a great game for fathers and sons to play together. And you can learn to play in just five minutes.

Red Vengeance is its sequel, based on the last year of the Russo-German War. Soviet armies roll toward Berlin, while the Germans try desperately to slow them down. Play is very similar to Defiant Russia, and it likewise plays in under two hours. You can learn how to play in just five minutes, with this quick guide.

The third game of the trilogy, Strange Defeat, covers the 1940 German attack on France, a victory in seven weeks despite Allied superiority in tanks, troops and aircraft. It uses the same basic game system, with lots of die rolling and a game that's done in less than two hours.

In Alsace 1945 and Bitter Victory, most units are regiments or brigades, and each side draws “chits” corresponding to headquarters on the map. Units assigned to or within range of the headquarters (this varies from game to game) can then move and fight. The number of chits a player may draw is usually dependent on his or her supply situation; an army with a superior logistical “tail” is able to do more than a seemingly more powerful foe backed by a weaker infrastructure.

Gazala 1942 is very similar, but adds a tank combat segment to its combat rules. Armor quality is important in the desert war, as are the awesome German 88mm and Italian 90mm anti-aircraft guns turned against tanks.

We venture into World War One with They Shall Not Pass, our game of the epic 1916 Battle of Verdun. It's a more traditional "wargame" but still very easy to play with a relatively short time to completion. The German player must make rapid gains against fanatical French resistance and frequent counter-attacks.

Panzer Grenadier: Airborne is the gateway game to our World War II tactical combat series. Its 20 scenarios, or separate game situations, come from the actions of American paratroopers during and after the D-Day landings of 1944. You can learn the game with our quick five minute rules or download and print out everything you need to try it out for yourself here.