Rome at War

The glory that was Rome comes to life on your gaming table! The legions face off against Persians, Germans, Goths, Carthaginians, Celts and of course each other.

Hannibal at Bay
The introductory game to the series, Hannibal at Bay follows the invasion of Carthage's home territory by Scipio Africanus. After defeating the large but raw locally-raised army of Hasdrubal, Scipio must have the greatest general of the age, Hannibal Barca, and his veterans of the Italian campaign. The winner of this battle will determine the future of the known world.

Fading Legions
Follow the trail of Julian the Apostate, Rome's last pagan emperor, as he battles the Germans along the Rhine, gaining great victories, and then invades Persian Mesopotamia to meet his doom. And also follow the Emperor Valens, charging forward to meet the Goths without awaiting the empire's western armies, thereby dooming both himself and the empire.


Rome at War: Queen of the CeltsQueen of the Celts
The Roman invasion of Britain met fanatic resistance led by Caratacus of the Catuvellauni, but eventually subdued the Celtic tribes - or so they thought. Seventeen years later Queen Boudicca of the Iceni led her tribe and its allies in a massive but ultimately futile revolt. Nine scenarios cover both campaigns.



King of Kings
A book supplement, King of Kings adds new scenarios and several full campaign games to Fading Legions. Shapur II, Sassanid Persia's greatest ruler, takes on the Roman Emperor Constantius II, the Arabs. the Xionites and the Armenians. This book has not yet been published.


Flanking Detachments