Naval combat in the 19th Century, during an age of transition from wood and wind to iron and steam.

Hearts of Iron
Naval warfare in the Adriatic and Central Mediterranean between 1859 and 1866, featuring the climactic 1866 Battle of Lissa, the first clash on the high seas between armored fleets. $79.99. This game is not yet available.

The Danish War
Austria and Prussia team up to oppose Danish (yes, Danish) aggression during the 1864 Schleswig War. The campaigns and battles of Helgoland (between the Danes and the Austrians) and Jasmund (between the Danes and the Prussians) in this introduction to the Ironclads series. With 112 pieces, two maps and a dozen scenarios. $39.99. This game is not yet available.

Golden Annual No. 2: Ironclads: The Shogun’s War
In 1868 the nascent Imperial Japanese Navy fought to crush the forces of the Ezo Republic on the northern island of Hokkaido. These remnants of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s supporters had set up a Western-style republic and both sides deployed Western technology: steam ships, modern cannon, and for the Imperials, an ironclad. Ironclads: The Shogun’s War includes 90 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces, an 11x17-inch map (on heavy rigid stock), 10 scenarios and historical background. This volume is not yet available.



Russo-Japanese War
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