The Golden Journal
The Golden Journal is our little magazine-like publication that comes out whenever we feel like it. It’s not for everyone, just for Gold Club members. It’s free when we first offer it, and then it’s not. We print enough of them to make sure everyone who wants one gets one, but then we don’t reprint and it goes away forever.

Here’s what we have:

Annual No. 1: Infantry Attacks: Black Mountain
On 6 August 1914, the tiny Kingdom of Montenegro declared war on Austria-Hungary, invading Austrian territory four days later. The campaign eventually ended with the Austrian conquest of the kingdom. We tell the story in this complete Infantry Attacks game, with 104 die-cut, silky-smooth pieces and 10 new scenarios drawn from the campaign.

Annual No. 2: Ironclads: The Shogun’s War
In 1868 the nascent Imperial Japanese Navy fought to crush the forces of the Ezo Republic on the northern island of Hokkaido. These remnants of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s supporters had set up a Western-style republic and both sides deployed Western technology: steam ships, modern cannon, and for the Imperials, an ironclad. Ironclads: The Shogun’s War is a complete game and includes 90 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces, an 11x17-inch map (on heavy rigid stock), 10 scenarios and historical background. This volume is not yet available.

Annual No. 3: Great War at Sea: South Seas Mandate
Japanese and American squadrons clash in the waters east of the Marianas in the opening battles of the 1920’s naval war both sides considered inevitable. South Seas Mandate is a complete Great War at Sea game, with 50 die-cut and silky-smooth pieces, a 22x17-inch map on heavy cardstock, and the Second Edition rules for Great War at Sea. This volume is not yet available.

Annual No. 4: U.S. Navy Plan Crimson
War on the Great Lakes - it’s as odd as it sounds. 230 pieces, 30 scenarios, two maps. This volume is not yet available.

No. 57: Coast Defenders
A set of 50 new pieces for Jutland 2e, reflecting the new gunnery and speed values that some ships receive in the new edition of Jutland. Plus, of course, the stories of those ships. This Journal includes 50 (fifty!) new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces. This volume is not yet available.

No. 56: Kiwi Armour
In June 1941, New Zealand began to form the 1st New Zealand Army Tank brigade, an infantry-support formation equipped with Valentine and Stuart tanks. The briagde never made it into combat, but it does now. You get 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces and ten brand-new scenarios so you can play with them. You’ll need An Army at Dawn to play all of the scenarios. This volume is not yet available.

No. 54: Stalin’s Tanks
Soviet tank designs proposed but never put into mass production fight at Brody-Dubno and Kursk: the T34/57 “Exterminator,” the T34/95 close-support tank, the KV5 Tiger Killer and the KV220 breakthrough tank. You get 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces and nine brand-new scenarios so you can play with them. You’ll need Kursk: Burning Tigers. and Fire in the Steppe. This volume is not yet available.

No. 52: Russo-Japanese Shopping Spree
In the months before the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War, Russian and Japanese agents scoured the globe attempting to buy additional warships for their navies, or block their opponents from doing so. This Journal includes 20 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces and the stories of these ships that almost swapped flags, and scenarios so you can play with them. This volume is not yet available.

No. 51: Dogs of War
A very special Golden Journal with 176 (!) brand-new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces displaying the German pieces from Kursk: South Flank in the same black color scheme we used for Dishonor Before Death. Plus the story of the SS militia divisions that fought at Kursk, and a set of completely new scenarios from the August 1943 fighting along the River Merchyk.

No. 50: Les Portes-Avions
In 1939, France boasted the world’s fourth-largest fleet of aircraft carriers – one aging flattop barely adequate for training. But the Marine Nationale had plans for modern carriers, and now you can play with them. You get 30 new pieces (ten aircraft carriers and twenty airplanes to fly off of them), the stories of the ships, and scenarios so you can play with them.

No. 49: Storm Division
The unique German 78th Storm Division fights in the Battle of Kursk, with its massive allotment of heavy weapons. You get 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces and six brand-new historical scenarios so you can play with them. You’ll need Kursk: Burning Tigers.

No. 48: Black Helicopters
Helicopters join your Panzer Grenadier arsenal: 28 die-cut pieces with real helicopters that flew (sometimes not very well), their story, and a set of five new scenarios so you can play with them (and fight river monitors with helicopters!). You’ll need Fire in the Steppe and River Battleships.


No. 46: Iron Dogs
British and German battle cruisers clash at Dogger Bank in Jutland: Dogger Bank, and now you can play with giant-sized pieces. You get a doze of them, all with brand-new artwork to show off the very sharp printing process on a big, broad canvas. You use them just like the original pieces: they still (just barely) fit on the Tactical Map. You’ll have more fun with bigger pieces, and we tell you all about the ships.

No. 45: Fleet Air Arm
Fleet Air Arm add the Royal Navy’s large array of light carriers and many more ships – escorting cruisers and destroyers and even a few battleships – to your Plan Z universe. You get the full 210 pieces that originally appeared in our long out-of-print East of Suez expansion plus, of course, scenarios so you can play with them (you’ll need Bismarck and Plan Z).

No. 44: Imperial & Royal Panzers
In 1911, Austrian Landwehr engineer Gunther Burstyn (who would later invent “dragon’s teeth” anti-tank defenses) designed a small tank. The Austro-Hungarian armed forces rejected his proposal, but you can take it into battle anyway in this variant for Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires. With 24 die-cut, silky-smooth pieces and a half-dozen scenarios so you can play with them. This volume is not yet available.

No. 43: River Plate
Chase the German armored cruiser Admiral Graf Spee through the South Atlantic Ocean in this variant that turns the alternative-history Tropic of Capricorn and Tropical Storm into a depiction of an operation and battle that actually happened. With 23 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces plus a set of scenarios.

No. 42: Battleship-Carriers
In the summer of 1942, both the United States and Japan drafted plans to convert battleships and battle cruisers into aircraft carriers. Those plans never came to fruition once one side started winning and the other losing faster than either imagined. But that won’t keep you from adding them to your cardboard fleets: 20 new die-cut and mounted pieces, a description of the conversion plans, and some scenarios so you can play with them.

No. 40: Byzantium Eternal
Napoleonic alternative history in this Soldier Emperor variant, as the Byzantine Empire endures into the early 19th Century and must navigate through the wars generated by French ambitions. You get sixteen big army/fleet tiles, three leader pieces, and an 11x17-inch rigid map overlay showing this brave new Byzantine world.

No. 39: Legions of Zog
In April 1939, Italian troops invaded Albania. The Royal Albanian Army fought back . . . briefly. This is a thing that really happened, and now you can fight for Albania against the fascist hordes. The Albanians aren’t very good, but neither are the Italians. You get 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces and four scenarios; you’ll need Conquest of Ethiopia and An Army at Dawn to play the scenarios.

No. 38: Alternative Dreadnoughts
Britain’s Admiralty studied many alternatives before settling on the design that became the revolutionary HMS Dreadnought. We look at these, and provide you with five different alternatives. With 20 silky-smooth, die-cut and mounted pieces and 11 scenarios so you can play with them; you’ll need Jutland to do that.

No. 37: Heavy Metal
The giant drawing-board tanks of Britain and Germany clash on the battlefields of 1946 Belgium. Featuring Panzer Maus, the Tiger III, the Black Prince and the Tortoise. With 49 die-cut and mounted pieces and seven new scenarios.

No. 36: Atlantic Marines
The Marines storm ashore on Martinique to fight the Vichy French, and on Iceland to fight German mountain and parachute troops. You get 165 (!) die-cut and mounted pieces, plus 11 scenarios and three battle games to tie them together.

No. 35: Viribus Unitis
All about Austro-Hungarian battleship design with 20 new pieces for alternative designs and for the proposed sale of the fleet’s battleships to Germany and Turkey. This volume is currently out of print.

No. 34: Bron Pancerna
Poland designed and built its own tanks, and just before the German invasion Polish drawing boards and testing grounds hosted several modern designs better than anything the Germans had. You get 24 new pieces for them so you can fight the invaders, and scenarios for The Deluge.

No. 32: Four-Five Commando
Britain’s Royal Marines intervene in the Six-Day War, just like some defeated Egyptian officers claimed amid the excuses offered.  You get 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces and six new scenarios for Panzer Grenadier (Modern): 1967 Sword of Israel, plus the usual history and background stuff that you love.

No. 31: Deluxe Bismarck
We make Bismarck Second Edition even more fun to play, with a dozen giant-sized battleship and battle cruiser pieces, all of them with brand-new artwork befitting the big canvas and very sharp printing process. You use them just like the original pieces: they still (just barely) fit on the Tactical Map. You just get to have more fun with them. And of course, we tell you all about the ships and the game.

No. 30: Caspian Princes
It’s a tiny, but complete, Second Great War at Sea game. Russian and Turkish flotillas and air forces battle for control of the Caspian Sea, with coast-defense ships and small destroyers. Everything you need to play (except dice) is included, headlined by 30 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces and a full-color map.

No. 29: Ancient Armor
In the years just after the First World War, the United States Army took delivery of tanks ordered for the conflict but not ready in time to be shipped to France: the “Liberty” heavy tank and M1917 light tank, copies of British and French designs. In 1940 the tanks still existed in storage, and were offered to Canada for training use but eventually were scrapped and recycled. But you get to take them to Ireland and Guam – with 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces - and send them into action in this variant for Saipan 1944 and Road to Dunkirk.

No. 28: British Aircraft Carriers
The British Eastern Fleet gets a carrier force that can stand up to the Japanese First Air Fleet, making stand-up carrier battles in the Indian Ocean possible. The Brits are still flying Fulmars and Albacores, and add some Skuas and Rocs. There are 25 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces plus scenarios for Eastern Fleet Second Edition.

No. 27: Sherman Tanks
Is the M4 Sherman tank of Panzer Grenadier studly enough? We discuss this question with lots of Sherman tank background information, a new (historical) scenario and best of all 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces with upgraded (with better armor) U.S. Army and Marine Shermans that you can use in Elsenborn Ridge, Saipan 1944, Invasion 1944 and other games.

No. 26: Armored Cruisers
Great War at Sea: Cruiser Warfare shows the last campaign in which the armored cruiser was a front-line unit, one that ended with the German East Asia Squadron armored cruisers easily sunk by British battle cruisers. We include variant armored cruisers for the Russian, German and British fleets, plus the proposed Canadian squadron. You get 20 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces, plus new Cruiser Warfare scenarios so you can play with them.

No. 25: Land Battleships
The Soviet T-35 heavy tank, with its five turrets and 12-man crew, appears in Panzer Grenadier: Fire in the Steppe. It might not have been a very good tank, but it most definitely was a very big tank. We tell all about it, with 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces for the proposed upgrades and variants plus some Land Battleship scenarios for Fire in the Steppe so you can crush the fascist invaders.This volume is currently unavailable.




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