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Soldier Kings: National Objectives
By Steve Cabral
July 2008

Experienced players of the outstanding diplomatic wargame Soldier Kings: The Seven Years War Worldwide know that they can seek certain alliances over and over in the quest for victory. This can cause a sense of sameness after multiple playings.

Of course, the absolute monarchs of Europe had advisors, often powers in their own right. A word in this ear and a word in that ear, and the monarch soon hears how best to proceed in the growing world conflict. This along with various self-interests led to frequent changes in European alliances from 1500 to 1900.

Britain and Holland were typical. They allied against Spain in the 1500s but broke up as Holland became a major world power. The two countries fought four horrific naval wars between 1652 and 1684, occasionally allied against France, and then re-allied when William of Holland became co-ruler with Mary in Britain. After William’s death the Dutch and British fought again in 1780 and in 1797. The Dutch were allied with Britain by the end of the Napoleonic wars, then lost South Africa to Britain in 1814. One odd alliance in that period came in 1654, when odd couples England and France allied together against Holland and Spain.

This variant gives a sense of those ever-shifting priorities and alliances.

Game Variant: National Objectives

In the campaign scenario, each major power draws one National Objective card. Keep the card secret and place the unused cards away from view.

At the end of the game, each player receives five victory points for achieving the objective, and loses three victory points for failing to achieve it.

In Automatic Victory checks, add the five VP for achieving the objective, but do not subtract the three VP for failing to achieve it.

On the cards, “Conquer” means the player must take possession during the game and control it when the game ends. “Hold” means the player must start with the area and must hold possession of it at game’s end. Losing and regaining areas has no affect; possession at the end of the game is what counts.

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