The Turkish Black Sea Fleet:
Scenarios, Part Three

By Jim Stear
July 2014

Note: The Turkish Black Sea Fleet appeared in the New Year’s 2014 Golden Journal, a tiny special and very irregular publication exclusively for Gold Club members. These scenarios by Jim "Captain Terror" Stear make use of those ship pieces. We hope you enjoy them.

Battle Scenario Three
Petty Squabbles
Summer 1919
In the event of a Russian collapse, and the delivery of the Tsar’s Black Sea Fleet into the hands of the Central Powers, it seems extremely likely the Kaiser would become the arbiter of spoils from his cousin’s former Empire. And ambitions of his erstwhile allies aside, the balance of any prizes could be expected to remain under the command of the All Highest. While those in the Ottoman regime might harbor hopes of quickly adding somewhat more modern warships to the Sultan’s navy, it is more likely they would have received crumbs from the table such as the Evstafi-class pre-dreadnoughts. Still, the prizes likely received would be enough to challenge the Greek upstarts across the Aegean, assuming that unpleasantness continued past the end of the Great War.

Note: This scenario uses pieces from Mediterranean.

Time Frame: Daylight
Weather Condition: 1 (Clear)

Central Powers (Turkish) Forces
Battle Line:
B07 Sapienza
B08 Modon

CL01 Hamidieh
CL02 Medjidieh
PC01 Burak Reis
PC02 Murat Reis

2 x Yarhisar-class DD
2 x Muavenet-class DD
3 x Satvet-class DD

8 x Small Transport

Allied (Greek) Forces
Battle Line:
BB01 Lemnos
BB02 Kilkis

AC01 Averoff
CL01 Helle

4 x Aetos-class DD
4 x Niki-class DD
2 x Keravnos-class DD

Special Rules
Setup: The Central Powers force sets up in the center hexes per 7.23. The Allied player has the initiative for the first round, and sets up to the northwest per 7.24. Ships of different groups may not start stacked together.

Turkish Training: All Turkish gunnery and torpedo hits must be confirmed by a second die roll with a result of 3 or greater. Add one to all Turkish initiative die rolls.

The Sultan Commands: Each Turkish transport must move at least one hex towards the west or northwest each combat round.

Length of Battle: The game continues for eight rounds, or until all ships of one side have been sunk.

Victory Conditions
The Central Powers player scores two VPs for each transport that either exits the map off the northwest edge, or ends the game adjacent to the northwest map edge. The Allied player scores four VP for each transport sunk. A player must score at least 12 VPs, and have more VPs than his or her opponent, in order to win.

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