Real Wargames:
World War II Battles

It's the heart of wargaming: pushing panzers across a map of hexes.

You can get your real wargame fix right here, with four different game systems from which to choose. Each gives a different perspective on the conflict, either through scale or system approach. These are our “real wargames,” the hex-and-counter simulations that you know and love.

Sweeping Campaigns
Win the war in an afternoon, controlling an entire theater.

Western Desert Force
Axis and Allied armies sweep back and forth across the North African desert. A great starting point for new players, this game features beautiful playing pieces, a lovely map and full-color player cards. $44.99.

Defiant Russia
History's greatest battles unfold as Germany and her allies launch a sneak attack on the Soviet Union. With 200 pieces, a lovely map and full-color player aids. $44.99.

Red Victory
This expansion for Defiant Russia covers the final triumphant march of the Red Army from Belorussia to the ruins of Berlin. With 140 pieces and full-color player aids. $34.99.
This expansion set is not yet available.

Armies at War
Army-level battles, with units usually representing brigades or regiments (sometimes weak divisions) and a ground scale usually at five miles per hex. These games all use the same game system, with some armor-combat wrinkles in Gazala.

Red God of War
The Soviet Operation Mars. Millions of men clash at Rzhev in the winter of 1942, as the Red Army tries to drive the Germans back from the gates of Moscow. $19.99.

Bitter Victory
The Allied invasion of Sicily, 1943. German and Italian troops defend the island against invading American and British armies in four scenarios. $19.99.

Alsace 1945
Germany's final offensive on the Western Front meets stout American opposition. Play is fast and fun, and the price is just right. $9.99.

Gazala 1942
A fast-playing game of the Afrika Korps' last victory. Features a fantastic desert map (click on the box picture and have a look).$9.99.

The Mechanized Battlefield
Our most detailed game system: units are rated for attack, defense, movement, morale, armor quality and anti-tank ability. Artillery is rated for offensive and defensive fire, and faces ammunition limits. Formations play a major role as do leaders and supply. This is real wargaming.

Island of Death
Axis plans to invade the strategic island of Malta in 1942. $29.99.

Fortress Malta
An expansion book for Island of Death, with 420 new playing pieces and oodles (yes, oodles) of new scenarios. $39.99.