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The Gold Club

Gold Club members have a lot of fun with their Avalanche Press games, and membership gives them some extras not available anywhere else.

Be sure to read this now and remember it later: you have to join the Gold Club before you get any of its benefits. Place your order and read what we send you, THEN follow the directions to get free stuff and great discounts. If you try to do it all at once, well, it just doesn't work that way.

Additional benefits of your membership include:

● Access to the Gold Club Free Library.

● Best Price Ever! Gold Club members have the chance to purchase new books and games at 30 percent off their retail price.

● A 20% discount on all purchases through our web store.

●The Golden Journal, a printed item just like a little magazine coming out whenever we feel like it, about six to eight times a year, with real die-cut playing pieces and a game variant.

● The Gold Club Insider newsletter.

All this for your annual membership fee of just $75! Membership's good for the year in which you join/renew; we'll hit you up for renewal in December.

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