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Red God of War: Soviet Brigades
By Mike Bennighof, Ph.D.
October 2013

Red God of War, our game of the battle of Rzhev in late 1942, has one of the more attractive sets of game pieces weve produced to date. Unfortunately, some elements came out darker than intended: in particular, the small x symbols that denote unit size on some Soviet units are difficult to read.

In response to requests from devoted readers of Daily Content, today we have a FREE download for the 13 Soviet infantry brigades of Red God of War. Some of the weaker divisions in the game have values in the same range as the strongest of the birgades. In this download, all the brigade-sized units have the gold x symbols wed intended them to bear. Only the infantry brigades are included here; there are no mechanized or tank divisions and the tank and mechanized corps are easily distinguished from brigade-sized units.

You can download the new brigades here.