Afrika Korps:
Deluxe Beda Fomm

As the Italian Tenth Army retreated from Cyrenaica to Tripoli along the coastal road, the Commonwealth’s wheeled Combe Force raced along a straight inland shortcut to stand in their way, with a mighty force of tanks running just a day or two behind. Lead elements of the Combe Force reached the coast and barely had time to get in position before Italian trucks, rolling along unaware of the British troops and guns dug in just ahead of them, began to be seen. As each side received reinforcements over the next three days and two nights, the Italians could never quite break through. In the end, a final Italian assault was stopped in the blockading force’s rear area, and Italian Lieutenant General Giuseppe Tellera was killed in action.

Deluxe Beda Fomm is a downloadable expansion set for Panzer Grenadier: Afrika Korps. It provides additional pieces to create a gigantic, 196-turn scenario of the entire battle, or just a 25-turn expanded "Short Game." There's also an entire module for Refereed Play, allowing players to experience the "double-blind" nature of desert warfare. This module is not playable separately; it requires ownership of Panzer Grenadier: Afrika Korps.

Module design is by Brian McCue, with pieces by Peter Lloyd.

Deluxe Beda Fomm is a .pdf download. The playing pieces are not die-cut and mounted, nor is the scenario book printed. Instead it comes as a series of .pdf files that will need to be assembled into the game's components.

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Beda Fomm Booklet
Beda Fomm Tables
Double-Blind Booklet
154 Playing Pieces

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