Anti-Tank Tactics in Panzer Grenadier
By Jason Rahman
September 2015

In Panzer Grenadieranti-tank defenses are of vital importance when facing an enemy with large numbers of tanks at his disposal. Here are a few tips for newer players to get a head start in anti-tank defenses.

Anti-Tank Guns

Anti-tank guns are your main tool at protecting a specific location from tanks. However, they are vulnerable from direct and bombardment fire and must be concealed to be effective.

  • Anti-tank guns should be set up in a clump of woods or a town, any terrain that conceals your AT guns from the enemy.

  • The position should consist of one or more AT guns and artillery pieces in adjacent hexes commanded by a single leader so that all the guns can fire simultaneously.

  • Deploy infantry in an arc of three hexes out from the AT and artillery guns so as to prevent the enemy from overrunning the AT guns with infantry.

  • Set up positions on both sides of the enemy’s axis of advance so that all positions can support one another with crossfire bonuses and infantry charges.


  • When setting up, weigh the options of setting up close to the enemy so that you can hit him right away or sit back in a protected position and wait for him to come to you.

  • Use a "depth based" anti-tank strategy, setting up positions in depth one behind another to aid in grinding down an enemy's tanks over time.

  • Never set up in clear terrain, but if you have to, at least dig the guns in to protect them.


Tanks are the most effective way of destroying enemy tanks. They have the perfect balance of armament, armor and mobility needed to stop enemy tanks.

  • Tanks need to work together with AT guns and other tanks to flank the enemy tanks; often just the threat of a crossfire bonus will cause him to retreat.

  • Use small groups of tanks scattered across the battlefield to outflank and out-maneuver your opponent.

  • Don’t let your tanks get bunched up into one large group or else your enemy will force you to retreat because of crossfire bonuses.

  • Never use tanks as stationary defense points, keep them back from the line and send them forward only when they are needed.

Tank Destroyers

While tank destroyers lack the perfect balance of armor armament and mobility that tanks have they still can be used effectively used against tanks if carefully used.

  • Keep all tank destroyers back from the front line in a single group and only commit them when the direction of the enemy attack is certain.

  • Send the tank destroyers forward into cover so they can wait and fire at the right moment.

  • When the enemy tanks come into range only fire for one or two turns then bug out because tank destroyers only have thin armor and cannot stand up to prolonged combat.

  • Make sure that enemy infantry cannot assault the tank destroyers or cut off your tank destroyer’s route of retreat.

  • Once your tank destroyers have retreated, regroup and prepare them to attack again when there is an opportunity.

Desert Anti-Tank Defense

Anti-tank defense in the desert is far different than defending against tanks on the steppes of Russia or the fields of Normandy because of the total lack of cover, and so it presents a totally different set of challenges. Here are just a few tips on anti-tank defense in the desert.

  • Send tanks out to the flanks of the enemy aggressively. Even lightly armed but fast tanks can destroy heavily armored tanks if they can outflank them.

  • Use your AT guns offensively by sending them forward as pivot points for your tanks.

  • Send anti-tank guns out on your flanks to maintain a screen against enemy counter-attacks.

  • Keep mobile, don’t stick in the same place for too long, but if you must stay in the same place make sure you dig in.

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