Parachutes Over Crete:
Map Overlay
By Mike Bennighof, Ph.D.
September 2020

Panzer Grenadier: Parachutes Over Crete features four beautiful geomorphic maps, created by movie matte-painting legend Guy Riessen (he has his own IMDB page!). They’re outstanding maps, works of art, but in the first printing one of them (Map 98) had a flaw - the three town hexes (0409, 0410, 0511) are not visible on the map as printed, as though they were wiped away by aliens (or their layer fell behind the others, but I think it was aliens).

Print this at 40 percent size to match the map size:

You can download the overlay right here.

You can download a .pdf version of the overlay right here.

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Mike Bennighof is president of Avalanche Press and holds a doctorate in history from Emory University. A Fulbright Scholar and NASA Journalist in Space finalist, he has published eleventy-million books, games and articles on historical subjects. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, three children and his dog, Leopold. Leopold needs no overlay.